A CLEAN up operation is underway after some debris fell into the sea following maintenance work at Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm, near to Barrow.

Residents along the West Cumbrian coastline are being warned to look out for the debris along the debris and contact the organisation to remove any matter.

The incident is reported to have happened after planned maintenance at the windfarm resulted in some materials falling into the sea.

Vattenfall, the company who own the windfarm, has warned members of the public to not attempt to remove the items themselves

They have also asked the public to keep an eye out for debris , letting them know where it is found and how much there is, teams will be along to remove it as quickly as possible.

The company has said that the debris is not harmful but it's best not to touch it, just to make sure everyone stays accident free.

In Cumbria:

A Vattenfall spokesman said: “An incident during planned maintenance at Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm resulted in components falling into the sea. No-one was injured, but we alerted the relevant authorities immediately and we have launched a full investigation.

“In addition to determining what happened, our attention is focused on ensuring that any debris in the sea or washing up onshore is cleaned up as quickly as possible. We are asking anyone who spots any debris which has arrived on land to call our reporting line on 0333 4141 912. This will assist our clean-up teams to identify and remove it as quickly as possible.”

Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm is located in the Irish Sea, around 10km from the coast at Barrow-in-Furness in the North-West of the UK.

The company are continuing to work on the clean-up operation as well as conducting an investigation to see how the incident was able to have happened at the site.