BARROW'S shipyard has been given the thumbs up for safety by the watchdog for nuclear sites.

The Office for Nuclear Regulation reported it was 'satisfied' with safety across the BAE site over the last year.

It noted that no nuclear incidents had been reported at the site, as has been the case in at least the last 10 years.

The regulator's annual report summarised safety performance at all of the UK's nuclear sites.

The shipyard is currently working on delivering Astute and Dreadnought class nuclear submarines.

The ONR report said of the shipyard: "Major site development work is underway to provide the infrastructure to complete the build and commissioning of the Dreadnought class submarines.

"Our regulatory work is focused on the continued safety of the site, enabling these programmes and on supporting the remaining Astute programme.

"We are satisfied with compliance and nuclear safety performance across the site.

The ONR report said the shipyard was among the nuclear sites given a 'routine' amount of attention by the regulator, which has not changed.

Elsewhere in Cumbria, nuclear decommissioning site Sellafield was praised in the report for its delivery of a new training facility to practise the retrieval of radioactive waste from a legacy silo

Summing up his findings, ONR chief executive said: "Overall, I am confident that during the reporting period, the industry has performed well and that the required standards of safety and security have been maintained.

"As a nation, we have faced unprecedented circumstances during the year that have challenged all areas of the United Kingdom.

"The nuclear industry is no different; it has had to adapt to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and the dynamic nature of the UK’s response.

"The industry responded well to national and local pandemic conditions as part of a controlled and effectively managed response that has ensured the continued safety and security of its activities, including those associated with critical national infrastructure, high hazard legacy facilities, and the transport of radioactive materials."

The ONR carries out compliance inspections across nuclear sites and can issue notices for improvement.