PLANS for a new Lidl store in Carlisle have been given the green light by the council despite objections.

Carlisle City Council's planning committee met at the Civic Centre on Friday and one of the applications given the green light was to build a Lidl on land off Warwick Road.

Plans were granted outline planning permission in January but were approved in more detail on Friday.

Concerns have been raised by residents and Carlisle Flood Action Group about the environmental impact of the plans.

They fear that as the development will be built on a flood plain, it could contribute to flooding during the winter months.

However, tanks are set to be installed on site to capture surface water, reducing the risk of flooding.

Ward councillor Robert Betton spoke against the plans raising his own concerns and that of resident Mr Nash.

Concerns were that the new supermarket would create more traffic on the roads and an increased risk of flooding. They also fear that the custom of businesses nearby would be effected.

Mr Nash said: "Residents' comments include as does my unanswered letter, the potential loss of two post offices, should those stores close members will be aware that there will be no post office provision between the city centre and the city boundary for a major residential area of the Rosehill estate.

"I recommend that the members include a requirement for the developer to introduce a post office during the normal Monday to Saturday working hours because this is an essential social provision for locality."

But Conservative councillor David Shepherd said: "I personally couldn't believe a major company like Lidl would even contemplate building a supermarket where they're building it if they thought for one moment their supermarket was going to flood or cause problems for residents on Warwick Road.

"This suggestion that there are too many supermarkets in Carlisle, or this is going to effect other shops, can I point out that this supermarket will be the only discount supermarket east of the city. There are people travelling from the likes of Brampton.

He added that it would be the only affordable supermarket on the bus route for those in the east of the city.

"The people who would use this are the people who haven't got a car or are elderly.

Labour councillor Lisa Brown said: "The site's a wasteland. It's always full of rubbish, it's going to be a massive improvement. I think more than anything else it's going to benefit those people in Botcherby.

"I understand people's concerns about the other shops but my grandad lives in Botcherby those shops were open 40 years ago, none of the Tescos or anything else that's been built since have affected them so I would second the recommendations for approval."