A BARROW business owner and former marketeer has been thanked by one of his customers for bring back some nostalgia, as well as delivering to home bound customers.

Darren Roby, 39, who is from the area, is the owner and operator of Collector's Corner and formerly traded out of the Barrow Market.

His business, located on Cavendish Street, has been open for the past three years.

The store originally started in the Barrow Indoor Market Hall in 2019, before branching out to a bigger area outside of the market entrance in February 2020.

Soon after it found a home on 70 Cavendish Street in August that year.

Darren said: “I just like this kind of stuff so much. I like to sell all the things I used to like when I was younger.

“I’ve got a lot of DC, Marvel, anima and manga which all sell really well.

“There are a lot of other things like pin ball machines, arcades games and vintage items. It brings back a real nostalgic feel for people.

“It’s just me at the place. I take care of everything. It makes it easier to be Covid secure for me and customers.

“We were closed for a while but everything soon picked up again. We get a lot of regulars and it was nice to see them again. I like to stay connected to the market and I pop in there to see everyone from time to time.

“We’ve got a few things coming up in the future which we’re excited about but that will be a surprise for later down the line.

“Before turning to trading I was a chef. I eventually moved up to second chef after a few years. I did some work for the hotel imperial.

“We also have an arrangement with Barrow BID about setting up a few special offers in December this year which we hope people will enjoy.

“We also sell a few clothing items and even some wrestling figures.”

Darren was nominated by one of his regular customers.

They said: “Darren delivered to me on request as I am house bound.

“He has a great knowledge of the products he has for sale and it’s doing so well. It’s getting bigger and better with more choice of manga and anime.

Plus there is a range of apparel to choice from amazing places.”