A VIRAL video featuring a renowned wild boar farmer making a traditional Cumberland sausage has garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

Butcher and farmer Peter Gott has gained a worldwide platform after filming with website Food Insider on the intricacies behind a Cumberland Sausage.

Mr Gott has been a part of Barrow’s Market trading scene since he was 17 when he took over his family-owned meat stall in the town, which he still owns and operates as Sillfield Farm Foods.

Most recently, Mr Gott was visited by Claudia Romeo from the popular food website Food Insider, a section of Insider, to experience first-hand the art of making a Cumberland sausage.

Routinely heading to destinations across the world, Claudia instead opted to visit Barrow as part of her Regional Eats series posted to millions of viewers every week on YouTube.

In the video, Claudia meets with Mr Gott in Barrow Market who has made it his mission to defend the traditional method of making Cumberland sausages.

Months since the video was filmed - and to Mr Gott's astonishment - the clip featuring Barrow Market has gained 300,000 views online.

He said: “I couldn’t believe how many views we got.

"Claudia had been filming in the UK and wanted to do something on traditional foods in the UK. She rung me and I said we had to do something on the Cumberland sausage.

"It took her a year to get to me because of Covid but it's ended up going viral. I couldn’t believe how many hits the video got.

"Claudia did a really good job – we're all really pleased with it and it's really good to promote the Barrow Market when we can.

"I really enjoy doing stuff for TV, with the amount of years of experience I've got under my belt, it's time to give something back.

"There's so many myths and misunderstandings out there about meat, I like educating people on the facts and telling the truth.

"I feel it's my duty to try and educate people where I can."

Mr Gott, whose Sillfield Farm near Kendal is hailed as a leading light in wild boar farming, has been involved in a host of television programmes over the decades, including: ITV's This Morning with chef Phil Vickery, Rick Stein’s 'Food Heroes', the BBC 2 series 'Jimmy’s Farm' and much more.