RAW meat was found defrosting in pans on the kitchen floor when hygiene inspectors visited a Barrow bakery.

Home Bakery, on Rawlinson Street, was scored a zero rating after a routine inspection unearthed mould, cobwebs and flies in the kitchen.

A zero star rating means urgent improvement is necessary.

Raw meat was being left to defrost at room temperature all day and it was noted that cooked meats were being stored at room temperature behind the serving counter, said an inspection report.

The report, obtained by The Mail, states: "The temperature of the sandwiches stored in the display chiller was too high at 14.2c. These foods are likely to support the growth of food poisoning bacteria or the formation of toxins and must not be stored above 8c.

"The same single sink was being used for hand washing, washing pots and washing salad. This creates a risk of cross contamination.

"The probe thermometer in the baking area was encrusted in dirt, flour and debris.

The report reveals that there is no hot water to the wash hand basin, and that "a thorough deep clean and disinfection" of the kitchen is required immediately due to accumulations of flour dust, dirt, debris and cobwebs.

The standard of cleaning to equipment throughout the business was described as "poor", with the belt of the dough rolling machine engrained with old dough and dirt.

There was also cobwebs around the machine.

Walls through the kitchen around the dough rolling machine and the storeroom were described as in "poor condition with peeling and crumbling paintwork and mould growth".

The paint to the ceiling in both the kitchen and storeroom was also in poor condition with damaged and flaking areas and mould growth.

A number of flies were also seen in the kitchen and storeroom.

The report states: "There was no form of written food safety management system and no accompanying temperature or monitoring records, despite this having been raised at previous inspections."

Home Bakery were contacted for comment but nobody was available.