A RESTAURANT is eager to give Barrovians a 'taste of the Mediterranean'.

Dodona House, based in Duke Street, is a way for foodies to enjoy traditional Greek, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine, as well as authentic Italian pizzas.

The name Dodona is a nod to the ancient sanctuary of the chief Greek god Zeus.

The restaurant is currently operating as takeaway only and is hoping to open up to diners in the coming months.

Owner Horizont Pllana said: "This is a family-run businesses and we have been open since Friday.

"The gyros have been very popular since opening, and the Tzatziki as well.

"We have been very busy. We have had to switch off Barrow Eats twice because orders just keep coming through ­— it is amazing.

"We couldn't ask for anything better. The support we are getting is just amazing, it really is."

Both Greek and local suppliers are at the heart of the authentic flavours.

They are also working hard to bring 'the best quality pizzas in town', using high quality flour from italy.

Chef Edward France said: "The crusts of the pizzas are being brushed with extra virgin olive oil.

"Our toppings are Italian deli cuts such as the pepperoni which is thick cut, and we are using prosciutto ham which is the highest quality.

"All of our toppings are the best quality, we really do care about what we are putting in the food and there is no expense spared when it comes to ingredients."

The menu also includes Albanian Trilece, made in the traditional way by the owners' family.

Owner Mr Pllana said: "Our restaurant gives an opportunity to Barrow people to try the different foods of Greece.

"I am itching to share the restaurant menu which is different to the takeaway menu.

"The Dodona House team would like to thank all Barrow people that have given us a warm welcome on our new adventure."

To see the full takeaway menu, visit www.dodonahouse.co.uk or Barrow Eats.