PROTESTERS need to be 'realistic' after appearing outside BAE Systems with 'nurses not nukes' signs.

Campaigners gathered in the shadow of the shipyard to call for money spent on nuclear submarine programmes to instead be invested into health and social care services.

Yvonne Patterson said: "Definitely agree. Put money into saving life not destroying it."

Rob Laurie said: "The way the world is at the moment especially with Chinese expansionism of armed, sea and air forces. This is the other form of protection we need currently need."

Iain Ryan thought the idea was partially formed: "Trident is essential. Now, if it was NHS not HS2, that's something different."

Charlie Dowthwaite said: "Good on these protesters. In my opinion - because it is immoral to spend money on items to kill people - it could be better spent on saving peoples lives. We must fully fund the NHS."

Simon Fell MP said that scrapping submarine building would cause 'disastrous' unemployment.

Greg Rose agreed with Fell. He said: "If they can find a way to re-employ the near 10k workers in Barrow to do different work on the same pay and conditions then I'd support them."

Sarah Brookes said: "It’s a difficult one; Barrow has relied on Vickers, VSEL and now BAE systems. Growing up everyone new someone who worked there or had relatives that worked there.

"The town has survived from the simple fact it makes things to blow people up. Take away these things and what happens if WW3 ever happens? There will be nothing to protect the country and these protesters need to remember people's livelihoods are at risk.

"Surely there can be both?

"It would be nice if there never was any weapons nuclear or otherwise but realistically it’s not going to happen."