Cumbria Trading Standards have released advice for any victims of potential scams relating to their energy supplier.

In a public announcement they said: "[If you are] worried your energy supplier might go bust, please don't get scammed by bogus cold callers after your bank details or trying to sign you to a new supplier.

"Don't worry about your supply, you will not be cut off whatever happens.

"You will not lose any credit if your supplier is changed.

"OFFGEM make the arrangements of any transfer.

"You will receive a letter from the new supplier if this happens, it won't be a random phone call or email.

"Never give bank details over to anyone who calls you.

"If you do get a call from someone purporting to be a company, hang up, find the customer service number of that company in the phone book or online and ring them back yourself.

"At least that way you know you are chatting to the company itself.

"Lastly, if you aren't very happy or confident with these things do ask someone for help."