A COUPLE have launched plans to construct a building in their garden to be used to care for dogs.

The applicants, who live at Roosebeck, run as dog daycare business.

According to plans submitted, the building would be used to rest dogs that have been exercised during the day.

The proposals were submitted to South Lakeland District Council.

A statement making up the plans said: "The building is to be used for general resting of dogs (up to a maximum of ten) that have already been exercised during the day, it is not to be used for overnight boarding of dogs.

"There will be some stalls to ensure that all the dogs are safe and can be segregated during rest time.

"The external finishes of the building are similar to typical agricultural buildings, finished in timber cladding and steel box profile sheeting with timber windows and doors.

"There are no doors or windows on the elevations facing the south and west boundaries.

"Internally the walls will be lined with a mix of plywood and fireline, with insulation between.

"The site is in an area of flood zone 3, 2 and 1, and benefits from flood defenses including bunds and flood barriers at the entrance off the road.

"The flood risk assessment states what other additional precautions / mitigation measures will be implemented including signing up to early warning with the Environment Agency.

"However, the nature of the proposed use is classed as low vulnerability.

"The dogs will be supervised at all times by staff on site, there could be between 2-3 staff on site at any given time, operating from 7.30am – 5.30pm weekdays and weekends.

"There will be ample room for vehicles to drop off and collect their dogs. Timing of collections and drop offs will be staggered by management and also some dogs will be collected from owners houses whilst out walking other dogs therefore reducing the traffic impact."

The project would increase the number of parking spaces at the site from three to six, plans say.