CALLS are being made to boost plans for renewable energy production in south Cumbria and Morecambe Bay amid the energy crisis that has hit the UK.

The Government wants energy firms to "stay afloat organically", a cabinet minister has said, as the growing energy crisis led to company bosses saying the outlook was "looking bleak".

Wholesale prices for gas have surged 250 per cent since January, with a 70 per cent rise since August alone - leading to calls for support from the industry and the collapse of some smaller energy firms.

Simon Fell, MP for Barrow, said: "This is a worrying time for many, and I know that the Business Secretary is meeting with energy sector leaders to plan a way forward and maintain energy supplies, while ensuring that people are protected against the worst rises through the Energy Price Cap.


CALLS: Simon Fell MP overlooking the Walney Channel

CALLS: Simon Fell MP overlooking the Walney Channel


"For me this highlights why it is so essential that we bolster UK supply now - we need to commit to new nuclear, including at Moorside, and greater investment in some of the exciting technologies in our area too, like offshore wind, hydrogen, and also tidal."

Ideas for the 'Green Revolution' in the region are endless due to the capabilities available, but one proposal for tidal gateway across Morecambe Bay that could create enough energy to power two per cent of the nation's power is still in the works.

Chris Nelson, Communications Director for Northern Tidal Power Gateways, said: "The team at Northern Tidal Power Gateways is still working to get backing for the project from Government, but currently the Government’s energy focus is on other areas – particularly offshore and onshore wind, energy storage and nuclear.

"Everyone agrees that the UK needs a mix of renewable energy resources, and we believe that tidal range power generation needs to be part of that mix because it is predictable and sustainable. It is also cost effective, and in the case of the Morecambe Bay proposal, brings huge additional benefits in terms of a new road link between North Lancashire and south and west Cumbria and massive job opportunities to assist the North-South levelling up with the creation of a new core industry manufacturing tidal turbines.

"The tidal range power project is also the only practical way to protect the ecology of Morecambe Bay from the effects of global warming and sea-level rises, by regulating the tidal flow into the bay to maintain current sea levels.

"The UK’s west coast tidal range opportunities are not about to disappear, but they will need commitment from the UK Government to make them happen."