A SECONDARY school have received a charitable donation from multi-function nuclear site to make a difference to students’ education.

Millom school received a donation of 32 computer towers from Sellafield to contribute to students learning.

Sellafield representative, Emma Graham said: “An opportunity was identified for Sellafield Ltd to make a lasting contribution to the education of our local communities.

“Computers started to became available as a result of the company’s migration to the Windows 10 platform which included a large roll-out of new machines to all our employees.

“Sellafield have over the past 18 months been able to provide a substantial number of devices to local schools spanning from Silloth to Millom. From laptops during the pandemic to support home learning, to classroom desktops providing advanced IT capacity.”

IT and Network Manager at Millom School, Ian Phillips said he was overjoyed with the generous donation.

He said: “The machines received have been deployed into two classrooms to improve the whole school’s IT robustness.

“The first classroom has been setup for staff and students as a bookable suite of PCs for class work and research, which has been marked out in the school calendar until Christmas.

“The second classroom is Media Studies and five of the more powerful PCs have been setup for video and postproduction editing. This will help students to create and capture the world around them for the future.

“It is always an amazing feeling when people come together to help the next generation succeed.”

Sellafield worked with the Well project including local councils to identify where the equipment would be most beneficial.

Emma said: “Sellafield have not managed this alone, much help has been sought and worked through.

“Sellafield Social Impact team work as part of ‘SIX’ a multiplied programme that targets the support we are able to provide to areas of real and demonstrated need.

“As we aren’t best placed to say which schools need the support the most, we’ve worked with the Well Project including local councils to identify where the equipment should go.”

Spokesperson for the Well Project, Vicki Clare said: “Well is proud to champion and support such a unique and powerful partnership with Sellafield ltd and schools across west Cumbria, working in genuine collaboration to make a real difference to education and the children and young people in the region.”