PLANNING permission has been sought from Carlisle City Council for the demolish of agricultural buildings and development of five dwellings on High Cummersdale Farm farm.

The city council’s planning department has received an application for planning approval from PFK Planning and Development on behalf of Birchwood Farms Limited.

In their heritage statement, PFK said: “The open countryside to the north and east of the application site, leading down to the River Caldew, is considered to have some aesthetic value with regards to its contribution to the significance and setting of the Conservation Area.

“We, therefore, consider that the proposed development provides an opportunity to enhance the setting of the Conservation Area and that it represents an acceptable form of development in accordance with the provisions of the NPPF.”

The applicant said that the proposed dwellings will be built in a “traditional vernacular, on generously sized plots” reflecting “the scale, form, function and character of this part of Cummersdale.”

They expressed their intent to follow planning policy, making the development “sympathetic to local character and history” having identified a need for different types of housing.”

The council’s planning policy also makes it clear that new developments should function well and add to the overall quality of the area. PFK said: “The existing and historic use of the site as a working farm, could be regarded as no longer compatible with adjacent land users due to the noise, odour and operational difficulties associated with active farming enterprises within village locations.”

The public can comment on planning applications via the Carlisle Council website.