EMOTIONS ran high for a restaurant team who worked their last shift before closing the doors for the final time.

Pizza Hut in Hollywood Park served its last meal on Saturday after plans were announced to convert the site into a drive-thru branch of Tim Hortons.

The move has meant that 20 Pizza Hut staff members have been made redundant, with no current plans to take on former restaurant staff to the new coffee chain.

Kerry Patrick, who was the restaurant manager at Pizza Hut, worked at the Hindpool Road restaurant for more than 20 years.

The 42-year-old described the restaurant closure as a ‘real blow’ for the ‘close-knit’ team of staff members..

“The regular guests that had been coming for years cried a little," she said.

“We received lots of lovely gifts and the staff are truly heartbroken.

“We’re all going our separate directions, we’re not just a work family, we’re like a real family.”

Plans were in place to keep the restaurant open until stock ran out which was about 6.15pm on Saturday evening, deputy manager Claire Ducie said.

“We all had a great last day,” she said.

“It was nice for the three managers to run the last shift together and all team members to be on shift too.

“It was very emotional being the last time we were all there, especially packing everything away.

“It still doesn’t feel real at the moment.

“Everyone is going to miss everyone lots.”

Tim Hortons is a Canadian chain, most well-known for its fresh coffee and baked goods including doughnuts, and already has nearly 5,000 outlets worldwide across 14 countries.

According to a statement submitted alongside the plans for the new Tim Hortons branch, the chain will provide ‘much-needed’ employment opportunities during the construction phase and upon occupation of the unit.

Plans have yet to be announced regarding when the new outlet will open its doors.