THE popular Barrow Grilla Cheese shop has announced big plans for its future, including a new delivery service to run on weekends.

The takeaway and dine-in shop, which is now in its third year of trading, has moved from humble beginnings in the Barrow Market to Dalkeith Street where it now provides high quality food at an equally high levelled service.

Owner Malcolm Lingard, 38, has also announced a new takeaway service that will extend from Friday to Saturday and Sunday.

He said: "We've been open for about three years, and our first year was in the Market.

"It was a great place to start and we loved the people there with us, but we found it a little restrictive so we branded out into our own place.

"We wanted to get somewhere central and we're lucky to have hit the mark in the town we have done.

"We do deliveries and that really helped us keep going through lockdown, and we have people coming in on their lunches and their dinner breaks.

"It all produces some great business for us.

"At the moment we're looking to rebuild and relaunch things, including bringing back our delivery service from Friday to Sunday.

"It's completely new and we're looking forward to it.

"That's a gap in the market that we would like to fill and we're excited about the future.

"We've got the right people on our team who are behind everything we do.

"The aim is to keep evolving and keep changing so we can constantly adapt to whatever the new market is offering.

"We like to keep to the style of New York Street food, like stacked burgers and hot dogs, we've also got some wonderful milkshakes on offer.

"We always want to keep the community in mind.

"When we opened, we paid our workers above minimum wage, during Christmas we wanted to feed as many as we could for free, and during lockdown when school meals became an issue, we said we would feed anyone free of charge.

"During that time, we had the community paying us donations and shouldering the cost with us.

"It's what we want. The community to be our focus.

"We've got some great drivers who are working with our kitchen staff so we will continue to co-ordinate with them so we can cut delivery and cooking times down.

"It's not about making money.

"It's about doing something good for the people around us and doing what we can for people in the community."