A former pub and dance hall complex is to be cleared after plans for a new scheme received the green light.

In plans submitted to Copeland Borough Council, the applicant Mr Andrew Modlinsky outlined a vision to demolish the buildings on the Main Street site in Distington.

In documents submitted as part of the application, Mr Modlinsky stated:

"In place of the former buildings will be four dwellings are proposed in a terrace fronting the Main Street. The type of housing proposed would be suitable in this location in the village.

"The density of the scheme does accord with current planning policy which seeks to promote housing

on appropriate sites in existing settlements."

The proposed development allows for car parking in the rear courtyard and individual dwellings will have private open spaces attached to the units.

Adjacent uses near the site are predominately terraced housing with the village store located opposite the site on the Main Street.

The applicant also outlined the need for the buildings to be replaced, citing their prominent location and the current state of the buildings.

He stated: "The site is a prominent one on the corner of Main Street and Church Street. The site is currently

occupied by the former Public House and Food Take away and a former Victorian Dance Hall. Both buildings are in a state of disrepair and need to be demolished."

He added: " The proposed terrace of four dwellings will recreate a street footprint suitable for this corner site and similar to other developments already existing close to the site."

"The proposed dwellings are 2.5 storeys high and other neighbouring developments on Main Street

are of similar height and scale. We therefore consider that this design and scale can be justified in relation to its neighbours."

"Car parking is [also] proposed in a rear courtyard accessed off an existing dropped kerb access on Church Street."

An agreement in principle had already been agreed with the Conservation Officer as part of the previous application.

The plans were given approval by Copeland Borough Council on 20 Jul 2021.

View the plans on the council website, ref: 4/20/2042/0F1.