With more than a dozen countries set to be added to the UK travel green list this week, more people will be taking regular Covid tests.

Brits are also being urged to return to the office with the chancellor Rishi Sunak saying that it is “really beneficial” being in an office at the start of his career, having previously highlighted the benefits of young people being in the workplace.

More people will be required to regularly use a rapid lateral flow test, which is a coronavirus test you do yourself. It shows you the result on a handheld device that comes with the test.

As more people are required to take regular tests it can often be confusing as to what they are supposed to do next.

Here is all you need to know.

Why do I have to report the test to the NHS?

The government is asking that all tests are reported to the NHS in order to keep track of infection rates in the UK.

Reporting results helps for four key reasons:

  • Reduce infection rates in your community
  • Protect people at higher risk of infection
  • Prevent and reduce the spread of the virus
  • Find out if you are infectious

When should I report my Covid test to the NHS?

You should report results to the NHS every time you use a rapid lateral flow kit to check if you are infectious.

You cannot report the result more than 24 hours after taking the test, ideally you should report it straight away.

Report the result:

  • every time you use a rapid lateral flow test kit
  • as soon as possible after you get the result

You can only report one result at a time, so you will need to repeat the process if there is a number of tests completed in your household.

How do I report my Covid test to the NHS?

There are two ways to report your test, both online and by phone.

To report your result online you can visit the gov.co.uk website and follow the instructions.

Before you start you will need the QR or ID number printed on the test strip and a mobile phone number so that you can receive a test confirming the NHS have your result.

If you are having difficulty online, you can also report your result by phone by ringing the number in your test kit’s instructions.