NEW money could be finding its way to the University of Cumbria in Barrow if a council application goes through.

An application is to be sent from Barrow Borough Council to central government, for a package of new money.

The money is being applied for from the Government's Community Renewal Fund,’ to go into the ‘Barrow Way Project.’

The Government has a pot of £220m for councils to apply for. Barrow will put in it's bid for £1,132,874.

The council has already earmarked the University of Cumbria to be one of its recipients, which stands to get £35,000.

University of Cumbria, spokesperson, Andrew Atherton hopes the pennies will rain in. He said: “The Barrow Way bid, is made up of four themes, each focused on key community needs and priorities for Barrow. The University of Cumbria is involved in two of the four themes, young people and digital.

“Our proposed spending project ‘engaging young people’ will design ways to enhance access to higher education, by mapping out the journey to university and providing key inputs to enable this transition. Our approach is to work with young people to design this process and explore how to enable school students to consider and progress to university.

“Improving opportunities for Barrow residents to go to university is a primary objective of the proposed new university campus, as part of the Brilliant Barrow learning quarter development, which will offer a range of courses and degrees to prepare individuals for future careers.