Plans for a holiday site to be located in a West Cumbria village have been withdrawn by the applicants.

In a vision submitted to Copeland Borough Council, it had been proposed that land next to Partfield House at Drigg would become a motorhome site with a number of timber cabins providing self-contained holiday cabins with site shop and communal shower block.

The applicants, a Mr and Mrs Usher, had stated that the site would provide a “valuable service to the village and localised area”.

The application explained: “The intention of the applicants is to be of a benefit to the local community. Using local contractors and suppliers where possible when the site is operational.

“They themselves have moved from outside the area and are undertaking a full renovation and extension of Partfield House.”

The applicants also expressed a desire for the site to make a wider contribution to the community by creating jobs.

“Whilst the proposed use will be managed by the applicant there is an intention to provide localised employment as the site and its use establishes itself within the village," added the statement.

“The proposed change of use will enhance the current vacant land, benefit the village of Drigg by providing a shop, add to the local economy of immediate local business and the wider context through tourism."

Reservations about the scheme had been raised though and one resident did comment that there were concerns about whether the development would be able to cement itself in the community, after other similar plans had failed in the past.

The resident added that the plans were unrealistic and that any promises around new jobs would perhaps not be viable: “We had one shop a few years ago. There was no demand and it went out of business.

"The locally-run shop in Seascale needs all the support it can get there is already competition from the Co-op.

“As the existing campsite doesn’t run at capacity, any business taken anyway from them would result in them laying off staff which would off set any employment generated.”

Mr and Mrs Usher were approached for comment but could not be contacted.