As some businesses have welcomed an end to Covid restrictions, others have said they will keep restrictions in place.

Mawson's Ice Cream Parlour and Coffee Shop in Seascale will keep safety measures including face masks and screens.

A statement posted on Facebook said: "We decided back in March that until at least September we would chose to trade at all costs, just like we have done as much as possible from the start.

"We're keeping the screens, distancing and masks. If you could too that would be fab but, I know it makes life more difficult.

"We made our choices, we'd like you to do the same.

"As a seasonal business this next seven weeks is a huge part of our yearly turnover.

"Our main aim is to avoid the dreaded track and trace."

Mawson's is one of a number of local businesses to announce it would be keeping some measures in place.

The owner of Cutting It hair salon in Egremont, posted on Facebook: "Ive thought a lot this weekend about what is happening at the minute in regards to Covid, isolating and infection rates being on the increase. I have decided to keep all PPE measures in place.

"I for one can't stand wearing a mask especially in this heat but it isn't what I like or don't like that matters.

"It's about protecting myself, my clients and preventing my business from potentially having to close its doors again. "Therefore I'd like to politely ask others coming into the salon to do the same.

"Hopefully it won't be for much longer but as it stands right now we need to do our best in looking after all our wellbeing."