OFFICIAL restrictions on masks and distancing have been lifted today.

As of 12.00am on Monday, the official rules and guidelines around coronavirus have been dropped, meaning that shops and businesses must now tread the fine line between keeping their customers and staff as safe as possible and resuming business as normal.

Pete Bland Sports has suffered the effects of the virus.  Mr Bland, a well-known runner, sadly died after testing positive for coronavirus last December.

It has chosen to keep the old rules in place.  

They posted: "As of today all our staff will still be wearing a face covering in-store, this is for their own safety and that of the customer.

"We would also prefer it if customers also wear a face covering if visting the store."

They also used a graphic urging customers to follow the old guidance.

The post came from Matt Bland, son of the late Pete Bland.

This comes as many shops are changing the rules to favour customer choice.  Business bodies across the country have called for the Government to be more explicit in their guidance.