READERS have reacted after a bar and a restaurant in Bowness announced it would have to temporarily close due to staff self-isolating.

In a statement on Friday Baha, Bowness, announced it would have to temporarily close with immediate effect until this coming Friday.

The Fizzy Tarte, also in Bowness and owned by Hargreaves Enterprises, has also had to temporarily close from Saturday until July 23 due to staff isolating.

Reader Carl Gaitskell posted: “Everyone moaning because they had to be closed, and now that they’re open everyone moaning that life is getting back to normal.

“We have to learn to live with this. It’s never going away now, just like the flu.

“I’m getting sick to death Covid this, Covid that. Give it a rest . We need to live life to the full – we only get one life.”

Lynn Huck said: “So sad for these businesses that suffer. I wish people would be understanding. I think the conspiracy theorists have a lot to answer for.”

Alex Rayment said: “Government has no plan to deal with exploding Covid cases – just like summer 2020.

“If they had followed the New Zealand / East Asia elimination-within-national-borders strategy things would have been immeasurably better with fewer lockdowns and fewer restrictions.

“And still all same 'mistakes' as last summer 2020 they are making (I put mistakes in quotation marks because it’s inconceivable they don’t know we are heading towards a disastrous situation in a few weeks or months).”

Edinete Marshall said: “Well said.”