VACCINATION success across Barrow has been published and for the first time reveals which areas are getting jabbed quicker than others.

The figures released yesterday by the Morecambe Bay clinical commission group, for the first time show which jabs people have been taking.

Walney South now leads the way in terms of the percentage of people taking first and second jabs with 90.5 percent of its 4,241-population taking a first jab and 71 percent taking a second.

Risedale which has the highest population with 6,543 residents, saw 87 percent of it's population taking the first jab and 67.4 percent going onto take the second dose.

Across Barrow 54,675 people have had a first dose and 43,283 have had a second.

Hazel Edwards, the leader of the Conservative Group on Barrow Borough Council, says now is the time to get a jab. She said: “As a Hawcoat councillor and resident, I would seriously urge all eligible residents in the ward and in the Borough to get the vaccination. Not just one, but both vaccinations.

"Think about others as well as yourself. Think about the hospital workers, many who live in the ward of Hawcoat.

"The opportunity for vaccinations is at the Alfred Barrow Health Centre. Please contact them or turn up at the open sessions.

"Cases of Covid are increasing in Cumbria. It could be you next or your family if you are not vaccinated. It’s simple painless and effective."

The statistics from the Morecambe Bay clinical commission group, showed that only five residents have had both doses of the Moderna vaccination, with the Oxford Astra Zenica accounting for 53,454 arms being injected and Pfizer accounting for a further 44,419 injections.

The report also shows the neighbouring areas of South Lakeland receiving 145,928 injections with Lancaster receiving 187,976 jabs.

Across Cumbria as a whole Covid has again doubled in the week ending 25 June, with 772 new cases up from 377 the previous week. The increase coincides with Cumbria's highest ever weekly testing total, with over 80,000 tests carried out

Cumbria County Council said: "Those aged 12 to 30 are still being encouraged to get a PCR test if they have not yet done so. Case rates among younger age groups continue to be very significantly higher than older groups, with a rate of 242/100k for under 50s but just 34/100k for over 50s.

"Anyone aged 12 to 30 can simply 'walk-in' to any of the county's local testing sites without booking."