"I CAN'T see us ever getting back to normal."

That was the fear expressed by one reader after a Lake District hotel revealed it would maintain some Covid-prevention measures after July 19.

Many businesses have pledged to keep in place policies such as mask-wearing even after it ceases to be a legal requirement to do so this Monday.

Among them is The Swan Hotel and Spa at Newby Bridge, bosses of which announced measures such as table service only would remain in force.

But Mail reader Steven Robinson expressed concern.

He said: "I can’t see us ever getting back to normal if all these pubs/businesses continue to keep measures in place when they have been given the green light to remove them.

"They have followed the government advice for the past few months, so why are they going against what the Government are saying now?"

Another reader, Leanne Longmire, said: "Everyone appears to be doing the same."

The Swan will also be keeping sanitising stations readily available and maintaining a one-metre social distance policy 'where we can'.

A spokesman for the hotel said: "We will not be restricting table or group numbers, so you can enjoy those long-awaited catch-ups, parties and celebrations again, and we’ll also be allowing more guests to enjoy our pool and spa facilities at any one time (though you’ll still be required to book a slot).

He said: "We hope you understand our reasoning for keeping some restrictions in place."