A COUPLE who turned their backs on business for a life of adventure are back in Carlisle ­— but only for now.

Jason and Elizabeth Brierley were successful in their own rights. She had three award-winning hair salons in Carlisle, Wigton and Workington.

He helped manage the salons and the started his own dog kennels.

In 2019, however, they sold the kennels and two of the salons, leased the one in Carlisle and invested the money in a deluxe motorhome that Jason says is more like a modern apartment than a house on wheels. Jason, who turned 47 tomorrow, has always been a keen fitness trainer ­— working on himself and helping others.

Elizabeth, who will turn 51 ­— also tomorrow ­— was also keeping fit.

While they were touring Europe visiting popular destinations and places they had never heard of before, the couple both completed fitness training courses and are now qualified to be personal trainers.

While they are back in the country and waiting for the world to open up again, they are taking customers on out of the Everlast Gym in Carlisle.

But as well as that, they have begun online personal training services for those who either cannot or do not want to go to a gym.

Jason’s first client, guest house owner Adele Forster, had lost four stone since January and went from a Body Mass Index considered obese to one that is in the bottom third of normal.

Living in close quarters, even in a luxury motorhome could require a very strong marriage.

The couple have survived that with no problems at all.

Jason explained: “We have been together since 1999 and, to be honest, we have never been apart.

“We have worked together and share the same interests and enjoy the same lifestyle.”

The couple were not entirely on their own, however. Their travelling companions are their two English bulldogs, Junior and Ruby.

The couple said people thought they were crazy, especially when they were giving up successful businesses for what to most would have appeared to be a pipe dream.

Jason said: “My wife and I had a conversation during which we looked at what we valued more — money, or time.

“We decided that time was far more important and the opportunity was there for us to grab life and live it while we can. You never know what’s around the corner.”

As it turned out, there were some unpleasant surprises waiting for them.

The first was Bexit, which meant they could only stay in a country for 90 days after the UK left the European market.

“That was not too much of a problem. We just moved around more and saw more countries,” Jason said.

The next shock was Covid and subsequent lockdowns.

That has clipped their wings but they are not too concerned.

They are running their fitness businesses here and will take off for Europe again as soon as it is opened up.

Despite the knock backs, they have already enjoyed wonderful adventures and a lot of sunshine.

“We have seen so many places off the beaten track, but I think our favourite country is France — not the cities, but the villages and the countryside where the culture is still strong.

“We went to Lourdes and that was amazing. It affects you, seeing all these people being wheeled out in hospital beds and wheelchairs to seek a cure.”

And the adventure has not ended. Even now, at home, where they have a small property, they rent it out because for them, home now has wheels and takes them where they want to go.

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