A request for the removal of a condition on a planning application for a newly completed test track and evaluation centre in west Cumbria has been accepted.

M-Sport placed an application for the removal of condition 16 of their original planning application for a test track and evaluation centre at Dovenby Hall Estate near Cockermouth, which was approved by Allerdale Borough Council in 2015.

Condition 16 of the original planning application stated that “prior to the occupation of the evaluation centre building” a refuge island, two request bus stops, and a footway along the A594 west of Orchard House to Main Street junction should be constructed.

Following a meeting of the council’s development panel, M-Sport’s application for condition 16 to be removed has been accepted.

Bridekirk Parish Council were against the proposals for the removal of condition 16, claiming that “the conditions were accepted by the applicant and were meant to benefit the local community”.

At the same time that the application for a test track and evaluation was accepted, the council also granted outline planning permission for future expansion space of 5000sqm, Offices, and a 60 bed Hotel.

However, the outline development has now time expired and can no longer be developed.

Due to the "change in circumstances" the Highways Authority have advised that the highway works secured by condition 16 are no longer necessary.

Concerns were also expressed over the lack of “safe” bus stop options.

In a statement read out at the development panel meeting on July 6, Ian Chambers said it was "imperative" to "make public transport an attractive option for potential users".

He said: “It is clear that the scale of works planned to satisfy Condition 16 are no longer required.

"However, that doesn’t mean that a scaled down scheme wouldn’t be more appropriate.

"Without the proposed bus stop, future public transport users would now be expected to use the existing infrastructure, but as you can see for the photo displayed the current bus stop doesn’t even have a roof.

"I don’t know if any of you have stood at Dovenby bus stop, but it is quite an intimidating place. A very narrow pavement next to a fast-flowing A road, with poor visibility make it generally an unpleasant place to be."

M-Sport were approached for a comment.