Changes being made to the government’s furlough scheme has sparked debate amongst News and Star readers.

It was recently announced that those on furlough would still be paid 80% of their wage.

Yet, the businesses would now have to pay towards some of this cost.

Joan Kilgour said: “No it needs to be stopped and people back in jobs.”

Peter Sherrington said: “No get everyone back to work in offices.”

Anthony Nicholson said: “No needs wound down in line with the relaxation of the lockdown.”

Many readers feel that the furlough scheme should just end to allow people to work how they did before the virus.

Whilst there is concern that people need to start working fully again there is the growing threat that cases of coronavirus are on the rise.

Some feel that ending the furlough scheme now and getting people back into work could jeopardise our recovery.

Timothy Chunck Hill said: “Costing the working community a fortune we’ve worked everyday throughout this and not gained a thing not even discount on goods no grudges for those who got it but the government should have given us something.”

Some readers have voiced their concern that as many people need to get back to work as possible to help the economy.

However, some industries including the nightclub and travel sector are unable to operate properly due to current restrictions.

The furlough scheme is offering support to businesses that are suffering the most.