Paul Etheridge and Pete Brittleton, both from Cumbria, are about to take on one of the hardest feats in climbing - the ascent of K2....and Broad Peak - and Porsche Centre South Lakes is going to help you stay along for the ride.

Over the coming months Paul and Pete are going to attempt to climb Broad Peak (8,051m) and K2 (8,611m) and in doing so become the first British team to accomplish this daring and dangerous task.

In Cumbria:

Only 377 people have ever climbed K2 and their expedition is the first all British attempt in 20 Years.

Situated in the Karakoram mountain range on the border with Pakistan and China, K2 is considered ‘The Mountain of Mountains’. Second in height only to Everest, this colossal peak is considered the hardest mountain in the world to ascend. The region’s extreme weather conditions and terrain makes this mountain a real challenge.

Paul and Peter's previous attempts on K2 had to be called off due to extreme weather conditions.

This summer, Paul and Peter are set to conquer K2 once and for all.

In Cumbria:

They will only be using porters to base camp and then it is just Paul and Peter and the mountain - no sherpas and no oxygen for Pete.

“This is the hardest challenge we have, and probably will ever, face,” said Peter.

Along the way they are also going to be helping the locals work on sustainability projects, to give back to the people that help the climbers on their journey.

Porsche Centre South Lakes, the new name for Porsche Centre Kendal, will be sponsoring their attempt as well as providing updates on how the pair are getting on while over in Pakistan.

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