READERS have praised the organisation behind a popular beer garden which saw crowds of football fans come together to watch England over the weekend.

The public gathered at Craven Park, home of Barrow Raiders, to watch the England football team’s European Championship opener against Croatia on Sunday.

After a video of the event was published to The Mail’s Facebook page, readers had their say on the event.

Annalisse Cheshire said: "I thought it looked really well organised on the video that I saw and I am a stickler for the rules because I moved to France two years ago and would like to visit my friends and family, especially my husband but I like to see folk enjoying themselves safely. Well done Barrow Raiders ."

Linda Hall said: "Listen to Teresa May's take on it, she's the only person talking sense. We have to move in and live with it like we've lived with 20,000 deaths a year from flu."

Carol Stitt said: "I like to see people having a nice time after all we’ve been through the last few months as long as there’s some social distancing have a fab time because we’ve done all we can two jabs in and life has to go on. Enjoy and bring it home England."󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Ash Howson said: "Great stuff Barrow Raiders and brilliant to see people enjoying themselves. Each to their own and life should go on. Blink and it’s over. Three people died yesterday due to Covid. Yes three. Let that sink in. 100,000,000 tests done and only 7500 positives."

Sean Peace said: "If you are scared of a virus with a 99.8 per cent survival rate you should probably stay at home."