A POPULAR Barrow pub of long standing in the community has survived through lockdown and is aiming to continue its well-known support for various community projects.

The Kill One Limited business, located on Duke Street in Barrow was unable to continue trading or delivering throughout lockdown, but has been able to make a return as lockdown restrictions have started to lift.

The business has been enjoying the opportunity to reopen and is setting its sights on supporting various charity events and bringing back other community groups.

Manager Lorraine Jaques, who has been running the business for the last seven years, is looking forward to the future which will see them continue with their long-standing charitable endeavours.

Lorraine said: “I took over the business in February of 2014 and I’m so glad it’s managed to reopen now.

“Since then, we’ve not been doing too badly. When we started up it was great to have the business back serving the public.

“In the past we’ve had dart teams coming to join us here, and weekend events.

“We’ve had karaoke nights on Fridays and Saturdays which we are looking forward to getting back to. We even had John Dickon Jr singing on the Saturdays before.

“It’s all ticking over very nicely for us here but we look forward to getting more done.

“We have some seats out in the back so when the summer weather is on, we can serve outside more.

“During lockdown we weren’t actually allowed to do any trade. No deliveries or take away. Worse when we opened up, we lost a lot of stock because it was out of date but that’s how it goes.

“We get a lot of support from the local darts teams. What we would usually do in June is have Steve Beaton, the professional player, join us for a fundraiser for motor neurones disease. All the donations are on behalf of the Paul Larkin memorial darts open.

“Normally with the money we raise we decide on two charities in Barrow that the money should go toward.

“While lockdown stopped us doing this last year, we are hoping that we can get back to it by next June.

“At the moment we have a few tins for the Barrow Foodbank on the bar so we are able to help them in some way.

“That’s all we want to do. Just our bit. Like everyone, I’m sure.

“I hope restrictions come down soon, it’s only a fortnight till my birthday as well.”