Hundreds of companies across Cumbria have less than a month to ensure their workers are not affected by the post-Brexit immigration law changes.

EU workers have until June 30 to make an application under the EU settlement scheme.

Cumbria’s economy has already been heavily hit by the current Brexit arrangements with businesses in hospitality and tourism, health and leisure as well as manufacturers and food producers all reporting unprecedented issues in staff recruitment.

While the Government has made it clear it will not be re-assessing its immigration policy this year, Cumbria Chamber of Commerce is alerting companies in the hope this impending legal change will not further dent any post-Covid recovery.

Cumbria Chamber managing director, Suzanne Caldwell, said: “Employers need to be aware of these significant changes and ensure that their policies and procedures are adapted accordingly.

“It is crucial that companies ensure that they are complying to prevent illegal working and protect themselves from potential substantial penalties, while being in the best position possible to attract and recruit talent from across the globe.

“We are already very concerned for businesses that are dealing with unprecedented challenges in the labour market.

"The last thing we want to see is any further setbacks hampering a recovery at such a critical time.

“Hospitality and a host of other sectors need a post-Covid recovery, whether that’s through an increase in sales or staycations, and aren’t stalled by legal changes."