INFORMATION on exporting products and services internationally is available to businesses through free advice and training.

Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership is offering advice and support to businesses on exporting their goods and services abroad.

Their support includes The Export Academy, a free training programme made up of 10 one hour sessions.

The aim is to support Cumbrian small and micro businesses understand everything they need to know about selling overseas.

Sarah Peak is supporting businesses to take advantage of overseas trade opportunities in her role as Cumbria’s Export Manager - working for the Department for International Trade with Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership.

She said: “I’m delighted to see that this innovative partnership between Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership and the Department of International Trade North West continues to flourish.

“I’m here to help Cumbrian businesses grow their potential for international sales and there’s a lot of support available to help them do that.”

Sarah has 35 years experience working with both small businesses and large enterprises, she also has seven years experience establishing and operating her own business.

Business owners who would like to get in touch can reach Sarah at: or by phone at 07980769881.