A CARLISLE-BASED personal training business is set to build on its online success by setting up its first studio in the city, if current plans gain approval.

Applicant Ben Crawshaw, the owner of the business, outlined a vision of moving to a studio at BC Fitness Ltd, currently an online coaching and personal training business established in 2018, running from the directors’ residential address in Carlisle and Strength Shack on Durranhill Industrial Estate, Carlisle.

Currently, Mr Crawshaw offers a variety of programmes including one-to-one personal training, group training, online coaching and through bootcamps. He also offer advice on nutrition plans and staying in shape all year round.

In planning documents, the applicant suggested that he envisages this development forming part of the expansion of the current business and his services.

He stated: “In expansion of the business, the proposal is to open a semi-private group training facility under the name of BC Fitness HQ.”

Furthermore, he expressed his view that the plan would fall in line with the The Carlisle District Plan which sets out a vision for the local growth of the city from 2015 to 2030 and which aims to implement policies and objectives while segregating different areas for varying uses, such as housing, employment, leisure, etc.

The applicant said that several properties were searched and it was clear that, upon finding the units at St Nicholas Bridge, the criteria are met. Although the building was previously used for the building trade, “changing it to leisure is certainly compatible with the surrounding boxing and cheerleading units,” he said.

Mr Crawshaw added: “Being situated in a large residential area, it would be within walking distance to many, as well as being on a local bus route. The train station is also a short distance, as is the motorway, which can contribute to tourism to Carlisle with clients from other areas as well as locals. There is ample parking for clients/customers/staff with spaces for 20-30 cars.

“We expect this to be a popular facility to be used and enjoyed by many, and the goal will be to expand further with growing popularity through the vision to transform people's lives for the better.”