THOUSANDS of households and businesses in Barrow can now obtain access to superfast broadband thanks to a group of entrepreneurs in the town.

NTC specialises in providing fast and reliable internet access, and is currently offering speeds of up to 300mb/s.

The company, based at College House in Howard Street, was founded by Arron Wakefield, Amanda McNulty and Matthew King.

Mr Wakefield said: “Companies need to have superfast internet for almost every aspect of their business these days, and it is equally important that their connection is stable and reliable.

“That isn’t just the case for businesses though - more and more people are working from home who also require a high-quality service, and we all want to be able to enjoy uninterrupted browsing, gaming and streaming.

“As technology advances, even things like our lights and our fridges are connected to the internet.”

Currently, NTC is able to offer wireless internet service provision, or WISP, to a large section of the LA13 and LA14 postcode areas, while technology is being tested to give coverage to the whole of Barrow.

Government figures have indicated that the average download speed across Barrow is 42.8mb/s. NTC is able to offer speeds up to seven times higher.

Mr King said: “Our WISP uses technologies that are faster and more reliable than standard copper cable delivery.

“We use small and discreet radio transmitters that don’t require large antennas or overhead cabling, so the impact on the aesthetics of your home is minimal.”

NTC prides itself on its bespoke IT support packages.

The company says that, as it is based in Barrow, there there will always be someone available to resolve any issues at short notice.

Superfast wireless broadband packages start from £25 per month. Packages can be created to suit the needs of the customer.