AN ULVERSTON landlady is pleased that pubs will not be included in the government’s planned ‘Covid passport’ scheme.

Andrea Wilson, who works at the Old Friends Inn in the town believes the scheme is more suited to bigger venues that can hold greater numbers of people.

She said: “Covid passports can be used at theatres because they are much bigger venues, where there will be a lot more people in them.

“It is the same for outdoor performances – anywhere with mass crowds of people will need something put in place to stop any spread of the virus.

“But when it comes to pubs and restaurants, which are smaller environments, you can’t really do it in the same manner.”

South Lakes MP Tim Farron also opposed pubs being involved in the Covid-status certification scheme.

Alongside a Kendal landlord, the Liberal Democrat wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson stating that the hospitality industry has already suffered enough during the coronavirus pandemic.

The letter said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an enormous toll on the pub and hospitality industry.

“As restrictions start to ease, and pubs reopen, it’s crucial that every effort is made to allow pubs to get back on their feet again.

“So be in no doubt - your proposals would take a sledgehammer to the recovery of pubs. As half of the population are yet to receive a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, making it mandatory to have proof of vaccination before entering a pub would significantly reduce the number of customers that pubs can serve, making pubs completely unviable. It will also have a huge impact on workforce, with the majority of bar staff at most pubs under the age of 50 and therefore unlikely to have been vaccinated. It will add extra burden, costs and stress on those running pubs - effectively turning pub landlords into border guards.”

A Covid passport would record, digitally or non-digitally, whether someone has been vaccinated, recently tested negative or suffered from the virus in the previous six months.