A controversial planning application to build a convenience store in a pub car park has attracted more than 650 objections since it was resubmitted earlier this year.

The submission from Punch Partnerships would see a Co-op shop built in Appleby Road on the car park of the Duke of Cumberland.

There has been extensive opposition to the scheme from members of the public, with more than 650 objections submitted online to South Lakeland District Council.

One resident of Shap Road said: "I object to this application on the grounds of pedestrian safety due to the increased number of vehicles driving across a pavement to access and exit the site.

"I further object to the increase of traffic around an already busy and congested junction, which will further increase the risk to pedestrians as people attempt to quickly enter the site in narrow gaps of traffic at peak times.

"The site is extremely small and provides very little provision for safe access to delivery vehicles and refuse trucks."

A resident of Rydal Road said: "We don't need another shop on Sandylands.

"The traffic is bad enough on Sandylands and the junction on Appleby Road and Shap Road is congested on a daily basis as it is.

"We have three supermarkets and three convenience stores which are adequate but the traffic will be astronomical at all times of the day.

"I hope you refuse this application on the grounds of safety."

A resident of Finley Drive said: "Last thing we need is another convenience store.

"After the year we've had, we want local business owners to prosper.

"Plus, there's three supermarkets five minutes away, a Spar just over the hill and a locally-run convenience store further down.

"The new beer garden will do wonders for this end of town. No-one wants a Co-op."

A resident of Blackthorn Close said: "Leave it alone, there's more shops up the road.

"Many shops and pubs have shut due to the coronavirus.

"The pub has done a lovely job outside, why ruin it with another shop?"

In a joint statement, Josh Macaulay and Chris Moss, leaseholders of the Duke of Cumberland, said: "We want to be clear that this is not our planning application.

"It has been submitted by the landowners that we lease the Duke from.

"We were not informed that any application was going to be submitted when we took the site and any questions should be submitted to Punch."

Punch and the Co-op were contacted for comment.