HERE are the latest announcements from our community news correspondent Kathryn Smith for Burton-in-Kendal.

At the parish council meeting brief details were given about the local council elections due to be held on May 6.

As there is currently one vacancy on the council and all councillors are required to seek re-election if desired, it is likely there will be an election in Burton.

Residents are encouraged to take this opportunity to serve the parish and the packs giving details and containing the relevant forms are available from the parish clerk.

Anyone interested should contact the clerk at the earliest opportunity to ensure that the forms are completed and returned to SLDC in the given timescale.

Voters should note that they will be required to provide their own pencil at the polling booth.

A suggestion has been made to hold a market in The Square, possibly monthly and for fresh produce.

A Cllr was appointed to investigate this proposal.

The council then discussed street lighting in the village, especially those lights belonging to the parish.

Two Cllrs would do a survey of the fitments with a view to reducing costs whilst making the

village lighting more environmentally friendly by reducing light pollution.

The first item on the Action Plan was the ongoing B4RN programme.

It was stressed that more residents on the west side of the village needed to register an interest to enable further connectivity to go ahead.

The PSiCA is due to formally finish on 30th April. Work will continue in Burton to rectify the problems, some of which are as a result of the project but many because of the associated work on the drainage system.

This will probably result in a further road closure in the village centre.

Slape Lane again came up for discussion. Whilst bridleways are the county council's responsibility the parish council acknowledges that this is a well-used by-way which is often not passable in winter and that the parish has had for some time a grant of £1000 which is ring fences for Slape Lane.

Although this sum will not provide a long-term solution it was agreed to investigate local action to lay stones in the worst affected areas.

The Community Group is still in operation although request for aid is now very few.

All aspects of changes to the playground are now agreed with South Lakes Housing. The tree which was felled had ash tree die back and will be removed and in due course and native trees will be planted.

The clerk would chase up the replacement barrier at Plain Quarry with the Forestry Commission and would also ask Cumbria County Council to inspect the trees at Nineteen Trees.

Finally, the possibility of starting a Burton parish council Facebook page was discussed. Whilst it was agreed in principle that this could serve a useful purpose in answering residents’ questions and clarifying issues of confusion or contention, more research was needed to establish a framework for its use.

The next parish council meeting will be on Thursday 15th April at 7.30pm.