THE majority of Mail readers have backed Barrow’s Business Improvement District being renewed for another five years.

In a poll on The Mail’s website, two thirds of readers said they support plans to renew the group’s involvement in the town.

The BID was first established in 2016 and aims to boost trade in Barrow town centre.

The group has presented a business plan to Barrow Council, which is due to be ratified by councillors.

Following that business owners who pay the BID levy will be balloted on whether they wish for group to continue for another five-year term.

Of 136 readers who voted, 66 per cent said they were in favour of renewing the BID.

Some 32 per cent disagreed with the proposal and two per cent said they were unsure.

Colin Garnett, the manager of Barrow BID, said: “I think it’s great we have got support from the public, we want that to pass into support for local businesses.

“We have done schemes and projects that have lifted the town.

“It’s nice to hear the general public realise we are doing a good job.

“We are passionate about the town centre.”

Mr Garnett said the group was hoping to boost footfall in the town centre and ‘increase pride and perception of the town’.

Writing in the business plan, Mr Garnett said: “As a proud Barrovian I want to work with local businesses to create a town centre which will be fit for purpose for future generations; becoming a hub for social interaction, shopping, food, drink, leisure, working, living and playing.”

Mr Garnett previously unveiled an ambitious plan to transform a section of Dalton Road if the group was renewed for another term.

The BID is planning to turn the bottom section of Dalton Road into a ‘garden street’, with greenery and covered outdoor dining areas.