CONCERN has been raised that a tourist hotspot is turning into a 'rubbish tip' after bins were spotted overflowing with waste.

Residents have shown concern for the growing amount of rubbish left in bins at Biggar Bank in Walney.

Resident Alan Clark said it is not 'acceptable' overflowing bins are permitted to be left in this state.

He said: "Once again Biggar Bank is looking like a rubbish tip. For a local centre of attraction and with people using Biggar Bank more due to Covid restrictions it's not acceptable that the facilities and cleaning are not to the standard expected by the residents and community using the area.

"The main issues are: there are not enough bins to cater for the number of peoples waste, they are the wrong kind of bins as they should have a cover to stop seagulls trying to take refuse out and they are not emptied enough times especially weekends when there tends to be more people using the area.

"Biggar Bank is one of the town's prime attractions and should be treated as one.

"Other towns ensure their prime attractions are well cleaned and on a frequently basis. This situation has gone on for too long and it's about time something was done by the council to ensure the cleanliness of this prime location."

Councillor Ann Thomson, Barrow Borough Council leader and the lead member for greener and cleaner neighbourhoods, said: "We recognise there has been an increase of waste in the area and we believe this is because people are taking advantage of our beautiful coast line for their daily exercise during this national lockdown.

"Our team carries out regular patrols of the area so that we can tackle any accumulating waste as quickly as possible.We are also currently looking at an anti-litter strategy for the whole borough which will include making sure suitable bins are located in the right places. We'd like to encourage people to be sensible with their rubbish and if the bin is full to take their litter home.

"If waste has been left in a public place, please report this to the council."