A BUSINESS park is hoping it can cut hundreds of tonnes of CO2 a year with the introduction of an all electric security van.

Guards at Kingmoor Park, Baron Way, Carlisle, will travel almost 40,000 miles annually to patrol the site in the vehicle, which is fuelled by the onsite solar farm.

The management team says it is committed to making changes towards a sustainable future with its long-term goal being to use only renewable energy sources.

Last year, the four-acre solar farm was completed which saw the park reduce its need for non-renewable sources of energy.

And future plans include even more onsite power generation, in the form of electric vehicle charging points.

Bosses also plan to replace the remaining vehicles in the fleet with electric.

Speaking about its plans to reduce the carbon footprint, Kingmoor Park’s managing director, Neil McIntyre, said: “We have a private electricity supply at Kingmoor Park which means that all our energy needs including the 200 businesses on site, street lighting, etc, comes from one supply.

“Ensuring that this supply is reliable and has the capacity to grow is crucial so the introduction of onsite power generation is a big step forward.

“As a team, we are committed to making changes which will help reduce our carbon footprint, which is why replacing our fleet vehicles with electric is so important.

“There are various charging points around Kingmoor Park at different businesses which is really encouraging to see.”