Boris Johnson has suggested rapid testing for coronavirus will be used over “vaccine passports” to help reopen businesses when lockdown restrictions ease.

The Prime Minister did not completely rule out using domestic immunity passports, saying the Government will “look at everything”.

We asked readers if they would carry a ‘vaccine passport’ if it meant they could travel abroad or go to the pub.

Many people welcomed the idea and the freedom that would come with it.

“Initially, I thought “no” but thinking about it, there are other vaccines that are compulsory before accessing certain countries so it’s not really any different to that,” said Amy Claire Leigh.

“As long as proof isn’t needed for domestic activities such as going to the pub, gigs, sports events, I think international travel this is an acceptable rule.”

Laura Tweeddale said: “Most definitely if it means we can have a holiday, think everyone deserves a holiday after all of this.”

Pat Kirkup commented: “Absolutely, no problem at all. You already need proof of vaccinations when travelling to certain countries, so why not Covid?”

Jacqueline Cashman added: “Yes I would we already have a vaccine card from travelling further afield to show we had had yellow fever vaccines and the like and people travelling to the UK should have to have one too to show they’ve had the vaccine for Covid-19.”

However, some people were less favourable to the idea.

Alison Murphy explained: “No, will need a vaccine to leave the house next. Not everyone can have the vaccine due to health reasons, what do we do with them people, including me. Keep them under house arrest?”

Peter Butterworth added: “Yes, I don’t see that as an infringement on liberty at all. Too much bleating about liberty these days, what about responsibility?”

David Allen commented: “In a heartbeat for travel abroad (not so much for the pub). Not sure what the issue is. I have one for yellow fever when I went to Rwanda and Uganda (they don’t let you in otherwise), so no different really. If you want to travel you will have to follow the rules set by the nation you are visiting. No choice.”

James Temple said: “Why are people focussing so much on pubs as being such awful places for transmission?”