Plans for a Dalton farming family to diversify by selling meat directly to the public from their farm have been given the green light.

Barrow Borough Council's planning committee has approved proposals from the Duerdens, who specialise in livestock breeding and meat wholesaling from their land at Killerwick Grange for a change of use of an agricultural building to include direct sales to the public.

The building in their 220 acres of land, currently used as part agricultural and part dry storage, will now be converted into a meat cutting storage and distribution facility.

Charles Wilton, the council's principal planning officer, had recommended the plans for approval.

He said: “It’s a farm on the Dalton bypass. The beef is sold off-site currently.

"There aren’t any objections but the storage and usage counts as industrial use, when the council wants industrial works to take place on industrial estates and urban areas. So, it is, however, contrary to the local plan.

"The other consideration is it’s a small-scale venture. So, taking account of use and scale, it seems reasonable to operate from the farm, so we recommend it for approval."

Councillor Bill McEwan, who represents Ormsgill, was in favour and moved approval which was seconded by Cllr Anita Husband from Walney North and passed with all 12 councillors agreeing.

The National Farmers' Union had thrown its weight behind the plan in a statement of support submitted to the council.

They said: "As with many farm businesses, you are looking to diversify your farm income, given the uncertainty caused by both the decision to leave the EU and changes to the future support regime.

"Indeed, the Government has a policy of encouraging farmers to diversity their businesses and have provided financial incentives for them to do so."