A BARROW gym owner is calling on the government to open up gyms within the next month.

Keith Devlin, who owns Ironwerx, believes gyms alleviate mental health problems for members.
With prime minister Boris Johnson set to announce a roadmap for relaxing lockdown measures next week on Monday February 22, Keith is adamant the government should allow gyms to reopen.
Keith said: “I think gyms should be open by March at the latest. Some people will say it's all about money, but it's not. 
“95 per cent of my members are still paying their fees. They have been fantastic and will help me stay open.
“It’s not about the money. People need the outlet, to stay fit and for their own mental wellbeing. 
“The body needs that release of endorphins, which make you feel better, so it's no coincidence that mental health problems are going through the roof.
“We’ve been hampered by the weather as well so people haven’t be able to go out and they're going stir-crazy staying in. Gyms across the country aren’t as lucky as me with their members and they are closing down because of it and there’s no coming back from bankruptcy.”

Keith revealed that he has been using Ironwerx's temporary closure to ensure the gym is even more Covid-secure for when his members do return.
Keith is now calling on the help of Barrow MP Simon Fell to support his cause to government.
He said: “I have emailed Simon a couple of times during previous lockdowns and he has been really positive, and supported us. 
“During the last lockdown I was told he was talking to ministers and other MPs and I think it definitely helped when we did reopen. I am hoping that Simon can do the same this time around.”
However, there are no confirmed reports that the government will let gyms reopen any time soon.
It is understood that Boris Johnson is keen to see schoolchildren return to the classroom.
Government ministers have revealed their priority is re-opening schools in England on March 8.
After the first lockdown, gyms did not reopen their doors until July 25, three weeks after hairdressers, restaurants and pubs, but opened immediately after the second lockdown finished.