A SOUTH Lakeland couple are bringing a start-up holiday property management firm to the Lakes.

Garry and Sarah Woodhouse are opening a South Lakeland operation for UK tech start-up property management firm - Pass the Keys.

Pass the Keys started in 2015 managing a handful of London Airbnb properties, since then it has expanded and now operates in 32 locations around the UK.

This new kind of property management firm aims to use proprietary software, together with a franchise model to help clients boost their income through short-letting - all through local teams working in local offices.

Short letting has seen a huge increase in the South Lakes over recent years thanks to platforms like Airbnb, who have connected short-term guests with flexible hosts.

Mr Woodhouse said: “Typically a single property can take as much as 10 hours each week to manage and that is assuming that nothing goes wrong!

“Most people do not have this kind of time to spare, and now this will not matter.

“We do everything, from creating the property listing and finding the guests, to checking them in, dealing with queries during their stay and then cleaning up after them.”

For more information about Pass the Keys visit www.passthekeys.co.uk/lake-district or contact Garry and Sarah on 01539 889969, Garry.Woodhouse@passthekeys.co.uk or Sarah.Woodhouse@passthekeys.co.uk