A THEATRE group has spoken of its concerns after coronavirus has shattered its show schedule.

Whitehaven Theatre Group has seen its world turned upside down by the pandemic.

“It has basically ended everything in 2020 and it is now starting to impact 2021,” explained Lisa Buchanan, child protection officer.

“We normally do three shows a year: a musical in the spring, a play in January or February and a panto in December.

“We usually make enough from the panto to see us through the year. It doesn’t cost that much to put on.”

Lisa says the restrictions have had a devastating impact on the group.

“The biggest thing is we are missing our hobby,” she explained. “It is great to get out there and do what you love.”

The group was forced to cancel its panto this year, despite other venues such as the Sands Centre in Carlisle putting on socially-distanced shows.

“For us it wasn’t feasible,” continued Lisa.

“The venues we use weren’t open. Solway Hall wasn’t feasible to open during the time we would put the panto on and we don’t make enough to put it on with a 40 per cent crowd. We wouldn’t be able to cover costs.”

Their next performance will be based on the musical Kinky Boots, which follows the story of drag queen Lola who meets the son of a shoemaker. The two work together on a line of high-heeled boots.