With both indoor and outdoor gyms now forced to close under the latest lockdown guidelines, local gym owners are trying to stay positive to keep others upbeat.

Barrie Scougal of Barrie Mark Personal Training in Carlisle said: "As a fitness industry it is a blow closing gyms in the middle of a health epidemic, as we can help. It just doesn't make sense, we could help the people at risk get fitter." He added: "If they took the industry seriously we could save the NHS millions." Barrie said there were many in the industry looking for ways to help keep people fit and he has seen a big increase in online training.

He said the industry is resilient and thinks it will recover, adding that when they reopened in August there was more people wanting to not only lose weight, but get their hearts healthy too. More information on his 24/7 on-demand service can be found at barriemarkpt.com and at his facebook page Barrie Mark Personal Training-Carlisle.

Lee Butterworth, who owns Xtreme Fitness at Lillyhall, said it is important to stay positive and keep people’s spirits up.

Mr Butterworth said that he has only had nine cancellations out of 1,300 people and has implemented several ways to keep people positive.

This includes offering ‘reboot’ for free at his gym, encouraging people to do 10,000 steps a day and getting people to put their phones down after 8pm to engage with people.

He also plans to have guest speakers talking on mental health issues, a yoga instructor doing sessions once a week, 10-minute workout sessions and a Saturday night takeaway where prizes such as membership can be won. Visit the Xtreme Fitness Facebook page for more information.