TEGkickstart, part of The Entrepreneurs Group, is hosting a free webinar on Thursday, December10 for anyone thinking of starting their own business.

TEGkickstart aims to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, young people, the unemployed or those affected by Covid, with the information and support they need to get started.

In Cumbria, the claimant count for Job Seekers Allowance or Universal Credit has risen from 2.3% to 4.6% since March, as a direct impact of COVID19. That’s 13,560 people out of work in September 2020 in Cumbria, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Unlike many other sessions, the TEGkickstart webinar on the 10th December goes right back to basics and shows aspiring entrepreneurs how to validate their business idea and build the foundations of a successful business. There will also be a Q and A with Cumbrian business owners, including director of The Entrepreneurs Group Keith McMean and business consultant Peter Fleming.

Keith McMean said: “Validating a business idea is critical to success. If the idea is a bad one then entrepreneurs could spend precious time working on the wrong thing that may well not succeed in the marketplace. Only 61% of businesses keep trading past the first year, so getting the business idea right at the outset is crucial.”

For more information on the free on-hour “taster” webinar, call 0333 360 5582 or email office@teguk.co.uk