Community crusaders have hailed a supermarket’s huge donation to their Yuletide food and toys campaign.

Carl and Louise Walmsley say they will be trying to help more than 200 family’s this year after the coronavirus pandemic left many people on the breadline.

However the Morrisons store, on Flatt Walks, in Whitehaven, has now given them a helping hand and donated food, toys and toiletries worth thousands of pounds for them to put together in hampers and deliver to people in the Whitehaven South council ward.

According to Sharon Graham, Morrisons community champion, it was kind hearted customers at the store who made a big contribution to the store’s donation.

Carl, who represents the ward on Copeland Council, said: “The food and toy project is something both myself and wife Louise do every year.

“It’s to help those feeling the pinch at this expensive time of year.

“We are expecting a higher than usual demand this year amongst our poverty stricken Whitehaven South Ward due to pay-offs and things like the furlough.

“In November and December last year we helped 120 families.

“This year we predict we will be looking at more than 200 because of the pandemic.

“Morrisons has been fantastic, especially community champion Sharon Graham, our main contact.

“In just a few weeks they have given us thousands of pounds worth of food, toiletries and accessories that we make up into hampers and deliver to those needing the help in confidence.”

Sharon said: “It’s just nice that we can help them have a better Christmas.

“It is great what Carl and Louise are doing, they work really hard.”

The couple manage the #MirehouseMatters Facebook page, where they keep more than 2,500 residents updated on the latest Covid-19 news - and they also help out the community.

Anyone who would like to donate ‘good as new’ toys, contact Carl through the page.

Donations of cash can be made through the Mirehouse Community Association Centre bank account, again contact Carl for details.