"We are doing our best" – that’s the message from a newly-launched business which has been suffering abuse from customers due to delayed orders.

Milkshake Madness, in Market Street, Dalton is calling on customers to "care about staff" after receiving abuse over the weekend for late orders.

The milkshake bar opened to the public last month, serving an array of different items including: 37 types of milkshakes, waffle sticks and doughnuts.

A spokesman for Milkshake Madness said: “The Milkshake Madness team have taken a fair amount of abuse over the weekend because of people’s orders being late, so I would first of all like to say that we are very, very sorry that some orders were arriving late; we try our best to get everyone’s order prepared and delivered as quickly as possible and do not want to let anyone down.

“We have had a slight problem with delivery drivers lately with some being off and we have had to take on new ones and they are still learning and figuring out the best routes, etc.

“We have been extremely busy since we opened in the new shop and I’m so incredibly proud of our team; they work so hard relentlessly all night to try and provide all our customers with the best quality desserts we possibly can.

“We have 37 different milkshakes on the menu and the girls have to remember all the ingredients that go into each one to make them taste as good as they do – each one is made with love and sent out to a high standard.

“The girls making the waffle sticks are also decorating doughnuts and making the corn dogs and making sure each one of you gets the toppings you have asked for.”

The team said they will do "everything" to speed up the delivery time of products.

The spokesman added: “We care about our customers and take care in the desserts we send out to you so I’m asking you all, can you please care about my team and how we feel when we get given lots of abuse on social media. We promise we will do everything we can to speed up the time it takes for you to get your orders.”