A YOUNG woman who is making a name for herself as a goat farmer will be one of the speakers in a specialist webinar hosted by leading Cumbrian auctioneers, Harrison & Hetherington.

Georgia Hunter, 20, started the goat enterprise on the family farm at Piper Hole, Ravenstonedale, a traditional hill farm.The farm is “Holistically” managed and has been for several generations, there are no artificial inputs.

Georgia is determined to add as much value to the product and, as well as running the growing meat business, she is producing soap from the milk.

The young farmer will be looking at farming today from a ‘Younger Generation Perspective’, and joins Phil Stocker, chief executive of the National Sheep Association (NSA); Scott Donaldson, Joint Managing Director of H&H; David Morley, Conservation & Environment at H&H Land & Estates and Mark Walker, Land Director at Genesis Homes.

The first Digital Seminar, announced by H&H Group, with see a future-focused theme tackling a range of issues including the ins and outs of sheep farming, the impacts of new planning regulations and livestock trading post-Brexit. Younger generation perspectives will include novel ideas regarding preparing for the future and agricultural sustainability.

Phil Stocker is billed as the keynote speaker and will offer unique insights into the future including a focus on trade, exports and upland farming.

Other important issues and topics to be covered, include expert advice on the phasing out of BPS and the introduction of ELMs. The presentation on the new planning regulations and requirements is intended to help the audience understand any new obligations or considerations for future development plans.

Scott Donaldson will share his perspective on what the scenario of livestock trading post-Brexit could look like.

Fit for the Future is a free online event, starting at 5pm on Tuesday, December 1. To book a place, please contact nina.oxley@hhgroupplc.co.uk.

H&H Group Chief Executive Richard Rankin will chair the discussion. “This is the first webinar of its kind for us at H&H, and more generally in the industry. As leaders in the rural sector, we recognise it is the right time and relish the opportunity to table a rich and comprehensive discussion on what the future of farming will look like.

“COVID has gifted us a moment in time to take stock and think about how to take our agricultural enterprises towards a more forward-thinking future, and we are delighted to be able to offer a productive forum for these creative discussions to take place.”